At Barn Baby Blankies, we design and publish adorable, animal shaped quilt patterns that are simple-to-sew...and sure to delight your favorite toddler! Quilters of all styles and skill levels will appreciate the easy-to-follow instructions that inspire the imagination and allow for creative personal touches. With our unique, animal shaped quilts, you’re not limited to using just cotton…they’re super easy to make in fleece, fake fur and other fun fabrics. Trim and decorate with anything that strikes your fancy. Want to get started on your Barn Baby Blankie today?
Our patterns are available as convenient downloadable PDF formats, as well as traditional printed patterns.

Barn Baby Blankies Patterns

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With product updates and new pattern design information, there are so many reasons to visit us here often. Our website also features a brag page showcasing customer project photos that will inspire you, as well as tips and techniques for crafting our adorable animal-shaped quilts.